Jackpot Veterinary Center offers a variety of equine services and diagnostics.



"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" -Benjamin Franklin.


Routine wellness examinations and vaccinations ensure that your horse will be in the best form they can, enhancing your horse's well being and your own. Vaccinations are recommended every 6 months to one year.


Routine dental care is essential for your horse. Horse teeth are hypsodont, or constantly erupting. Check out this PDF here for more information. As horses eat they grind their teeth there are edges that do not oppose, and so sharp points and edges will emerge over time. The edges can become so sharp that they cause ulcers or cuts in the mouth. 
Veterinarians use tools to remove and smooth out the sharp points. This procedure is called "floating" teeth. Regular dental care is essential to a long and healthy life for your equine companion. 


Locomotor and musculoskeletal dysfunction in the horse is one of the primary reasons for veterinary services to be utilized. Our doctors are well versed in advanced lameness diagnostic workups, from nerve blocks to ultrasonography and digital radiographs (X-rays).
The puzzle lameness presents is a challenge Jackpot Veterinary Center eagerly awaits, and we urge you to allow us to help you make your horse the best and the soundest it can be.


Whether you're an established farm or a first time breeder, veterinary expertise in reproduction will enhance your success. Jackpot Veterinary Center has sophisticated equipment and the experience necessary to assist you. 
Mares should be rectally palpated and ultrasounded to ensure they're ready to breed. There are multiple ways Jackpot Veterinary Center's veterinarians can help to time and modulate ovulation to optimize conception. 


A majority of lameness and locomotor soreness originates in the foot. Cooperation between equine veterinarians and farriers is essential to the health and continued success of your horse. 
Dr. Smogor is a veterinarian that specializes in equine podiatry. Dr. Smogor attended Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School and shod horses before, during and after veterinary school. Since becoming a veterinarian she has attended specialized training and continuing education regarding podiatry.


Alternative Medicine has gained considerable favor with advancements in medical imaging and ability to quantify physiologic changes associated with acupuncture. Dr. Lombana is acupuncture certified and can assist you and your horse and small animals. From regular treatments to working on problem areas, acupuncture is a great way to think outside the western medical box and find new ways to treat our equine companions. 
Acupuncture has considerable success is accelerating healing of neuropathies and other injuries. Furthermore, it can assist in developing and treating lameness issues which do not respond to conventional treatment.
Jackpot Veterinary Center offers exceptional ambulatory services available 24/7. We understand that horse emergencies happen and are ready and able to assist you with whatever critical problem you're facing.
Our Ambulatory ER Call Range is more limited than our regular service area so be sure to call if you have any questions after hours! 520-999-3888