Our farm animal veterinarians are highly experienced in the maintenance and care of livestock kept on all sizes of farms. Unless you plan to breed your male cattle, sheep, or goats, the livestock veterinarians at Jackpot Veterinary Center strongly recommend castration (neutering).

Why We Recommend Neutering Male Livestock

Of course, you might be keeping male animals on your farm for the purpose of reproduction and/or services related to farm animal reproduction. In all other cases, however, we strongly encourage you to have all your male farm animals neutered. Safety and population control are the primary reasons to castrate male livestock.


Left intact, male farm animals become more aggressive, in general, toward other animals, their handlers, and their veterinarians. Additionally, they tend to exhibit more intense food aggression, which means they become competitive with and dangerous to other animals at feeding time in addition to the person providing their food. As a result, it is often necessary to keep intact males in special enclosures where they can live separately from other animals.

Population Control

No matter how small or large your farm might be, controlling the growth of your animal population is always essential to the responsible maintenance of your acreage and to keeping your animal care costs within your budget.
Leaving male animals intact puts female animals at risk of pregnancy, which can lead to your farm’s population and your upkeep expenses quickly growing out of control.

At What Age Should Male Livestock Be Neutered?

To ensure the prevention of unwanted reproduction, we recommend neutering male farm animals before they reach reproductive maturity. That being said, it is of the utmost importance not to castrate a male animal too early, before the animal’s urethra has fully developed. Castrating too early could result in future urinary tract blockages and other problems.
Male farm animals that have already reached sexual maturity can still be castrated. However, to ensure population control, it is imperative that these animals are kept separately from the female animals on your farm.

Livestock Castration With Our Tucson Veterinarians

At Jackpot Veterinary Center, we’re proud to provide comprehensive livestock and farm animal care to cattle, goats, and sheep. We’re highly experienced and fully equipped to provide castration and disbudding surgeries in addition to routine wellness and preventative veterinary care designed to maintain optimal herd health.
To schedule an appointment or learn more about the farm animal services available with our livestock veterinarian in Tucson, we welcome you to contact us today.