At Jackpot Veterinary Center, our livestock veterinarians are highly experienced and fully equipped to provide surgical disbudding services for calves, kids, and lambs as a part of our comprehensive farm animal veterinary services in Tucson.

What Is Disbudding?

Disbudding is a surgical procedure intended to remove the cells that will eventually grow into horns on young livestock before their horns have had a chance to develop.
The simple disbudding procedure is highly recommended over dehorning fully developed farm animals, as dehorning can be much more complicated and painful for the animals.

Should Farm Animals Be Disbudded? The Benefits of Disbudding Surgery for Livestock

The surgical disbudding of calves, kids, and lambs has become common practice on farms thanks to several benefits of the procedure, such as:

When Should Farm Animals Be Disbudded?

To achieve the best results and the smoothest possible surgical procedure, we recommend having your calves, kids, and lambs disbudded as early as possible. For the best results, disbudding should occur within the two weeks of an animal’s life, before their horns have begun to develop.
If you wait longer than two weeks to disbud a newborn farm animal, you run the risk of the horns having already begun to develop which would make disbudding impossible and result in the need for a more invasive dehorning procedure.

What to Expect During a Disbudding Procedure

The disbudding process varies depending on the disbudding method (electric cauterization or chemical removal) and the species of farm animal being treated.
Local analgesia may or may not be recommended for the procedure. However, we always apply a local anesthetic to prevent the farm animal from experiencing any pain or discomfort. We might also recommend a post-procedure anesthetic to mitigate pain during recovery. In addition, we’ll provide you with thorough aftercare treatment recommendations based on the environment and individual needs.
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