Large Animal Services

Jackpot Veterinary Center offers a variety of services for your horses, large and small ruminants including cattle, sheep and goats. We love working with 4H projects, too!


Established as a  mobile equine practice in 2014, Jackpot continues to expand our available services and diagnostics. See below for a list of what we offer to our patients.

Equine Ambulatory Services

Wellness Exams

Have your horses overall health evaluated yearly at a minimum. Further recommendations can be made at the time of the exam to keep your horse as healthy as possible. Preventative care is the best care for your pet. 


Seasonal vaccines keep your horses healthy. Vaccine recommendations are made depending on the area you live in and your horses social life. Feel confident your horse is protected from diseases while enjoying your equine event. 

Lameness Evaluation

Whether your horse is still in performance work or retired, their comfort and soundness is important. If your horse is not moving quite right, we can take a look.

Joint Injections and Regenerative Medicine 

This is best performed in a sterile environment such as in our equine hospital but can be performed in the field. If the lameness is localized to a joint a variety of products can be injected into the joint to improve comfort. IRAP and PRP are biologic agents that can be used in joints and soft tissue structures without the side effects of steroids

Diagnostic- Ultrasound/Radiograph 

Ultrasound probes are available for reproductive, abdominal and musculoskeletal exams and radiographs can be taken digitally and interpreted at the time of the appointment. These images can be easily sent to you and out for consultation. 


Dental Exam & Float

Routine dental care is important to keep your horse eating well, evaluate for dental disease and performance concerns, typically done yearly. February is Dental Month with a 20% discount off of dental services! 


Available 24/7 for Equine emergencies to the Tucson and surrounding areas. Colic, laceration, medical illness, acute lameness, choke. 


Get your colts gelded in the field. All castrations are done under injectable anesthetics. 

Alternative Therapy


Acupuncture is so beneficial for many internal and musculoskeletal diseases, have an exam done by a certified acupuncturist to pursue this alternative therapy.



Chiropractic is a great way to have your horse evaluated for mis-alignments that could be causing discomfort. 

Class IV Laser
The goal of medical lasers is to benefit wound healing, arthritis, sports injuries, and more by improving blood flow and healing cells in an area.

Farm Animal Services

Herd Health-Wellness Exams and Vaccines



Reproductive work

Artificial insemination, pregnancy check, breeding soundness exam & trich testing

Equine Emergency

Jackpot Veterinary Center offers 24/7 emergency coverage.. We understand that horse emergencies happen and are ready and able to assist you with whatever critical problem you're facing.