Mixed Livestock and Ruminant Services

Jackpot Veterinary Center is proud to now offer services to both large and small ruminants!

Small ruminants:

Jackpot offers medical and surgical care for your sheep and goats. Routine preventative care includes wellness exams, vaccinations, fecal egg counts, pregnancy diagnosis, disbudding of young kids, castrations, health and nutritional consultations. We are also happy to see your camelids!


Jackpot offers medical, reproductive and minor surgical care for your cows. Routine preventative care wellness exams, vaccinations including brucellosis (bangs), fecal egg counts, disbudding/dehorning, castrations, health certificates and nutritional consultations. Reproductive services include pregnancy diagnosis, heat synching, artificial insemination, breeding soundness exams, Trichomoniasis testing, semen evaluation and dystocia (difficult birth). We require that there is adequate restraint, such as a functioning chute. 

We look forward to meeting your farm companions! We offer emergency services for sick animals, dystocia and other critical conditions. Please call 520-999-3888 if you have any questions!