We’ve all heard the adage; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This holds true in the animal world as well. Providing preventative care for your pets will greatly improve their overall health and be easier on your bank account in the long run; especially since you can usually breakup the costs of treatments throughout the year instead of shelling out a large bill when your pet gets sick. Let’s do a cost analysis for example:

  • Roxie 2yr old Female Spayed 50lb Golden Retriever

    • Grade 1/4 dental disease

    • Healthy

Yearly cost for prevention:

  • Annual Exam and Vaccines: $110-$200

  • Annual Heartworm and Tick Disease Testing: $31

  • Heartworm Prevention (1 full year): $85-$105

    • We recommend either monthly (Heartgard) oral chews, monthly (Revolution) topical treatment, or yearly (ProHeart12) injections

    • MOST heartworm preventions also include internal parasite protection as well!

  • Flea and Tick Prevention (1 full year): $120-$200

  • Baseline Bloodwork:

    • Under 7 Years and Healthy: $52

    • Under 7 Years with Underlying Conditions: $164

    • Over 7 Years- $200

  • Full Yearly Cost: $398-$736

  • Yearly Dental Cleanings: $500-$700

Now, here is the estimated cost for certain conditions:

  • Heartworm: $2000-$5000

    • Requires hospitalization, aggressive toxic treatment, kenneling for 6 months, exercise restriction, and meds

    • Heartworm infections in cats only takes ONE adult worm to be lethal!

  • Flea/Ticks- $300-$700

    • Requires meds, home treatments, and bathing (isolation if a multiple pet home)

  • Parvo: $700-$1500

    • Treatment requires hospitalization, aggressive treatment, isolation, and only 50% chance of survival

  • Kidney Disease: $1500-$3000

    • Caught early with annual bloodwork can be treated and managed usually with diet and medications

    • Caught only once advanced, usually required hospitalization, aggressive treatment, meds, and diet

  • Advanced Periodontal Disease (Grade 3-4/4): $1000-$1500

    • Requires multiple extractions, antibiotics, and longer surgery time

      • Can lead to heart, liver, and kidney disease

  • Rabies – Priceless

    • The only definitive diagnosis for rabies is to send brainstem tissue to a lab for testing… This requires for the pet to be euthanized. There is NO treatment or cure for rabies.

    • BEST case scenario is: 6-month quarantine- $3000