Small Animal Clinic

Our veterinarians and expert technicians can provide exceptional routine and preventative care! From annual immunizations to nutritional or behavioral expertise, the Jackpot Team is ready to care for your companion animals.

Preventative Care

We know your pets are part of the family. Annual wellness exams and vaccines can help keep your pets healthy. At each wellness exam your pet will receive a thorough exam. An annual exam is the best way to do early screening and detect potential complications with your pet


Routine Blood Work and Senior Wellness

Check your pet's internal functions, early disease detection is the best treatment



Vaccines protect your pets from deadly diseases, have peace of mind while they are playing with other dogs. Your pets vaccines will be tailored to his/her lifestyle.

Parasite testing and prevention

Parasite protection is for your health as well as your pets, some of these parasites can be transmitted to people. Have the parasite discussion to know the best preventative product. 



Spays and Neuters are important to help control breeding and for your dog's health. We also offer surgery services for gastropexy, cystotomy, mass removal and foreign body abdominal exploratory.


Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgeries can be scheduled at our hospital with a referring veterinarian.



Routine dentistry is essential to the long term health and safety of your pet! Did you know? 70% of adult cats and 80% of adult dogs show symptoms of oral disease. Dental Procedures include pre-anesthetic blood work and full mouth dental radiographs. 

Diagnostics and Imaging 

Detailed radiographic imaging can be taken and evaluated on site. Images can be sent digitally for consultation or referral. 


Blood Analyzers 

State of the art in-house diagnostic blood work. Crucial in giving immediate and accurate information in critical cases.


Alternative Therapy


Beneficial for many internal and musculoskeletal diseases, have an exam done by a certified acupuncturist to pursue this alternative therapy.

Class IV Laser

The goal of medical lasers is to benefit wound healing, arthritis, sports injuries, and more by improving blood flow and healing cells in an area.