Preventative Medicine

Our veterinarians and expert technicians can provide exceptional routine and preventative care! From annual immunizations to nutritional or behavioral expertise, let the Jackpot Team care for your companion animals!

Please visit our wellness recommendations page for more information on our doctor's advised treatments. For vaccine recommendations click here.

Routine dentistry is essential to the long term health and safety of your pet! Know your pet will receive the safest anesthesia as well as the best cleaning and scaling with our state of the art equipment. 
Before their procedure they will have a pre-anesthetic bloodwork panel assessed. This offers our doctors the opportunity to ensure they are well enough for general anesthesia.
Dental Radiographs have revolutionized dental care for your pet, it removes the uncertainty of knowing which teeth are diseased, leading to longer, healthier and happier lives. For more information click here for our informative PDF.
Our doctors have access to state of the art technology and diagnostic tools! If your pet is injured or ill having the most advanced medical equipment allows our team to more accurately and rapidly assess and treat your animal! Some of our technology includes:

Digital Radiographs

No more waiting for X-Rays with our new Digital system your pets’ insides are almost instantly available! We can easily obtain and manipulate our X-Ray images for the absolute perfect picture of what may be ailing your four legged friend.

In-House Bloodwork Analyzers

Be it a routine assessment, pre-anesthetic bloodwork monitoring, or for an intensive care patient, our in house labwork provide rapid assessment of a variety of parameters. This aids our doctors in rapid assessment and treatment modalities in many cases

Our doctors are capable of providing surgical care for routine appointments (such as spay or neuter procedures) as well as for more advanced soft tissue and intestinal procedures. We can tackle anything from a simple mass removal to bladder surgeries or even intestinal blockage!  Our surgical suite and equpment offers state of the art diagnostics and monitoring while you’re pet is asleep. Be sure to ask our doctors about precise surgeries we can perform for you!