Routine Blood Work

At Jackpot Veterinary Center, we like to take a proactive approach to your pet’s health with a variety of wellness and preventative veterinary care services, and routine blood work is an excellent way of keeping a close eye on a pet’s internal functions and general health. In fact, when veterinarians use routine blood tests, many diseases can be caught early, before pets develop any unpleasant symptoms, and then treated right away.

When Do Pets Need Routine Blood Work?


New Pet Exams

We typically recommend running a few standard blood tests (and possibly a fecal examination) at your pet’s first veterinary appointment. This will help give us a baseline of your pet’s current health, which makes it easier to detect future changes that can indicate new or developing health problems. This initial blood work also helps us ensure that your pet receives proper treatment for any existing medical issues.

Senior Wellness Exams

As our pets age, their health and condition can change rapidly. As a result, we recommend more frequent wellness examinations and routine blood work at least annually to look for the earliest signs of age-related diseases such as diabetes or issues with organ function.

Pre-Operative Appointments

If your pet is scheduled for a surgical procedure that will require the administration of general anesthesia, we first recommend a routine blood test to make sure your pet’s organs are functioning well and that your pet is healthy enough to safely undergo the procedure at hand.

Before Administering Certain Medications

Certain prescription pet medications require your pet’s liver and kidneys to be functioning well. Before administering these pet meds, we’ll run a blood test to make sure your pet’s body can handle the medication and process it without running into any complications.

Chronic Disease Management

We also run routine blood work on pets that are living with certain chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, or other disorders. These blood tests help us keep tabs on your pet’s condition, determine whether their medication regimen is currently effective, and to adjust doses or treatments as needed.

Wellness and Preventative Pet Care in Tucson

To learn more about why we might have recommended blood work for your pet, talk with a veterinarian about your pet’s test results, or to schedule a checkup for your dog or cat, we welcome you to contact Jackpot Veterinary Center today.