Teaching and Education


Education of students interested in veterinary medicine, technician training or other facets of animal husbandry is one of our highest priorities here at Jackpot Veterinary Center.

We work closely with students from the University of Arizona interested in applying to veterinary school as well as students enrolled in CVT programs here locally.

If you are interested in volunteer, shadowing or ride along opportunities please reach out directly via email.

Below are some examples of the students we have worked with along the way.

Veterinary Technician or Assistant Programs

We are lucky to work directly with Pima Community College, Pima Medical Institute and Carrington College in addition to other online programs. Here are some of our past intern's stories.

My experience at Jackpot Veterinary Center was nothing less than amazing. The entire staff is like a family and very welcoming and willing to teach you. Some internships take a "hands off" approach and only allow students to observe - this is not the case with Jackpot. I was hands on from day one and the veterinarians and technicians want to see you advance so you are able to build your skill sets in order to do more. 


My favourite parts were going out in the field assisting Dr. Lombana and Dr. Smogor as well as running all of the anesthesia done for the various small animal procedures while I was on small animal rotation with Dr. Thomas. 


Dr Lombana was critical in helping me find a job after my time with Jackpot. She has an amazing willingness to want to see you succeed in the industry as well as has an extensive network of contacts. 


I am currently in Colorado working at Littleton Equine Veterinary Center. I started out as a personal CVT to one of the primary practice owners, Dr. Tisher. After 6 months with the practice I transitioned to the Intensive Care Unit where I currently am today. I get to work with our boarded surgeons and internal medicine specialist everyday. The wealth of knowledge I have gained is invaluable. 


I would not be where I am today without Jackpot Veterinary Center. They were critical in helping kick start my career as an equine exclusive CVT. I would recommend them as an extern/intern site for any technician student who wants to gain a vast amount of knowledge in a supportive environment where growth is encouraged. 

I came into this great opportunity by being selected by my instructors at Pima Medical Institute to complete my Veterinary Technician externship at Jackpot. The first thing I noticed was how nice and welcoming everyone was. The staff always wanted you to learn, which means there really wasn’t such thing as a stupid question. That alone took a lot of pressure off the experience over all and made it so enlightening and fun! Both large animal and small animal staff are one big family! I’m glad that I had the opportunity as well to become apart of this family. Thank you for adopting me ️ - Sara Eastin

Pre-Vet Students

Admission to veterinary school is a daunting task, and we want to help eager students stand out through offering shadowing programs. We have been lucky enough to see several of our students be admitted to veterinary school! See some of their stories below:

Jackpot is full of great people and great experiences. The community they’ve built is one of a kind. Their technicians were always willing to share their skills and the veterinarians graciously shared their medical knowledge. I was lucky to gain clinical experience in the small animal hospital, on the road with equine doctors, and in the new equine facility. My favorite experience was assisting Dr. Smogor and Brittany with the castration of a very well-endowed mammoth donkey. I will be starting veterinary school this coming fall and hold a lot of gratitude for Jackpot Veterinary Center! -Rachel Walker

While attending the University of Arizona, I had the opportunity to gain class credit with an internship through Jackpot Equine (at the time). I am very appreciative that I was given this experience as I gained so much from it. Not only are the doctors awesome, they are very knowledgeable and always found ways for me to be involved, while teaching me about the various facets of veterinary medicine. Through my time with Dr. Karla and Dr. Lindsey I was able to see just how dedicated they are toward providing the best care possible to both their patients and clients. Additionally, their staff is just as kind and they really try to make everyone feel welcome. I am so grateful for this opportunity as it really helped to solidify my interest in veterinary medicine. — Hannah Schaefer 

My name is Sara Wist, I am a current 1st year DVM student at Colorado State University! After completing my B.S. in Animal Science at the University of Arizona, I wanted to find an equine veterinarian to mentor under to better prepare myself for my future career as a veterinarian. I was ecstatic when I stumbled across Dr. Karla’s truck (Tink!) with their Jackpot logo on my way to work. I sent her an email that night inquiring about student ride-alongs and was pleased to find a very quick response the next morning from Dr. Karla, who was more than excited to have me ride-along. I rode along with Dr. Karla for two and a half years. During that time I learned so much, not only about equine medicine, but how to be a personable and well rounded veterinarian. There was never a dull day riding-along with Dr. Karla. She always made sure I left each appointment with a full understanding of what had happened and the why behind her diagnosis and treatment plans. Most of my time as a student at Jackpot Veterinary Center was spent with Dr. Karla, but the days that I had ride-alongs with Dr. Lindsey were just as amazing for me. Both Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Karla have their students’ success in mind and love to teach! My first day at Jackpot Veterinary Center I thought I was only going to find a mentor, what I walked away with almost 3 years later was a veterinary family I know I can always reach out to when I need them! Thank you Dr. Karla, Dr. Lindsey and the staff of Jackpot Veterinary Center for everything, I’m excited to make you all proud!

I am a current 3rd year veterinary student at Washington State University and I almost entirely have Jackpot to thank for my success. As a young college student with a passion for veterinary medicine, I reached out to Dr. Karla and Dr. Lindsey to attempt to gain more experience in the field. I was quickly taken under their wings and became the second tech of a whopping total of two employees. At the time, Jackpot was referred to as Jackpot Equine and we were solely a mobile equine practice. I was lucky enough to watch the business transform from Dr. Lindsey’s garage to a warehouse to what is now Jackpot Veterinary Center. After every appointment, Dr. Lindsey or Dr. Karla would talk me through their entire thought process. We would discuss the key signs that led them to their diagnosis, along with the pathophysiology behind how certain diseases and illnesses occur. Aside from the medicine, I gained so many invaluable experiences that I will forever be grateful for. I learned how much work goes into starting a veterinary practice, how essential it is to value each and every one of your clients and how easy it is to laugh and enjoy every single day. Not only are Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Karla phenomenal veterinarians, but they also have exceptional communication skills. Communication is something that is very hard to learn in veterinary school and I constantly find myself referring to how Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Karla treat their patients and clients. Jackpot continues to inspire me, and it is very enjoyable to watch the practice grow and to see new faces join the Jackpot family!