Jackpot Veterinary Center


Jackpot Veterinary Center is a true mixed animal practice dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality medicine, and furnishing a fun, clean, enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price.


Our doctors specialize in diverse aspects of veterinary care, from equine podiatry to acupuncture, and everything in between. We make a special effort to stay on the cutting edge of technology, research, and unique methods for keeping your animals healthy and happy!


Look no further for reliable veterinary care in the Tucson area! From routine procedures to difficult diagnostics, and after hours care we have been proudly serving Tucson and Southern Arizona since 2014.
Mission Statement
Jackpot Veterinary Center is a veterinarian owned and community focused mixed animal clinic. Our doctors and staff provide exceptional quality care with compassion to all clients and their four legged family, while fostering an environment of continued learning.

February is Dental Health Month!

Dental wellness is of the upmost importance to our pets and our horses.

Canine and Feline: 85% of all canines and felines, have some stage of periodontal disease by the early age of 3. Without correction of and preventative measures dental disease can rapidly escalate to affect more than just the mouth.

Horses have teeth that continue to emerge their entire lives. They must continue to wear them down by chewing feed, and as the teeth are “worn down” enamel points will remain.

Please call to schedule a dental for your pet or horse today!